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What is jQuery?

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jQuery is one of the most popular online JavaScript library’s there are, with millions of websites using it around the world.

If you are a web developer, or like web development, then chances are you have already seen it if not used it.

jQuery essentially is a JavaScript library that allows you to do more while typing less code and is used to make using JavaScript on your website much easier. It makes common tasks a lot simpler and quicker to implement and simplifies more complicated tasks like AJAX requests and manipulating the DOM.

The standard jQuery library consists of these features:

– HTML/DOM manipulation
– CSS manipulation
– HTML event methods
– Effects and animation
– Utilities

In addition to these features jQuery plugins can be downloaded and installed for most tasks that you may want to do.

Using jQuery

To start using jQuery, you need to download its files and include it on your pages using one Javascript file included in the head section of your site, using the following code.

<script src=”jquery.js”></script>

jQuery Syntax

The syntax of jQuery was created to allow the selection of HTML elements and to perform an action on them. The basic syntax for jQuery is as follows:


– The $ symbol accesses the jQuery library
– (selector) finds the correct HTML element
– action() is the action to perform

jQuery methods should be put inside the document ready event as follows:

$(document).ready(function() { });

jQuery Selectors

The selectors are where the power of jQuery really comes into effect in web development. These selectors allow you to search for elements based on their id, classes, types, attributes, attribute values and more and is based on CSS selectors with its own ones thrown in for good measure.

jQuery selectors all start with the $ and open and close brackets. For example, you can select all p elements on a page using the following code:


In the same way the #id selector as used in CSS and the .class selector are used in jQuery using the following syntax:


jQuery Events

Event handling is another core function of jQuery and are called when something happens in HTML and are often put in event handler methods in the <head> section:

For example:


Below is a list of a few common event methods in jQuery

$(document).ready(function) – Binds a function once the document has finished loading.
$(selector).click(function) – Binds a function to the click event
$(selector).dblclick(function) – Binds a function the double click event
$(selector).focus(function) – Binds a function to the focus event
$(selector).mouseover(function) – Binds a function to the mouseover event

If you would like any help setting up your web environments or with developing your web pages then why not get in contact with us here at Network Intellect.

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