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Using sprintf(), printf(), vsprintf(), vprintf(), fprintf() and vfprintf() in PHP Continued

We looked at the basics of the following functions in our last post:

sprintf(), printf(), vsprintf(), vprintf(), fprintf(), vfprintf()

Now we will expand on why it is useful in internationlising text because of it’s ability to swap Arguments around, usefully named Argument Swapping.

Argument Swapping

Let’s say you want to translate a piece of text from English to Spanish, from basic knowledge of languages from school we probably know that the adjective normally comes before the noun in English, however is reversed for many other languages, for example:

English: a blue car
Spanish: un coche azul (a car blue)

I hope this helps
This means if we were to use translation functions such as gettext() we would run into problems when simply translating words that have dynamic content.

This is where argument swapping comes in.

Consider the following:

$name = ‘Peter’;
$object = ‘car’;
$colour = ‘blue’;

printf( ‘Hi %s, you have won a %s %s’, $name, $colour, $object);
printf( ‘Hola %s, has ganado un %s %s’, $name, $colour, $object);

Now this would print perfectly in English as “Hi Peter, you have won a blue car”, but if you were translating the words to Spanish the car and colour would be the wrong way around, in comes Argument Swapping to the rescue!

If you simply place a number followed by the $ (dollar symbol) inbetween the % symbol and the format (“s” in our instance) then it tells the printf() family of functions to move around the order in which the arguments are supplied.

The example below will output the object and the colour in the correct order for both languages:

$name     = ‘Peter’;
$object = ‘car’;
$colour = ‘blue’;

printf( ‘Hi %1$s, you have won a %2$s %3$s<br />’, $name, $colour, $object );
printf( ‘Hola %1$s, has ganado un %3$s %2$s<br />’, $name, $colour, $object );

Notice the simple swapping of the 2nd and 3rd variables using the syntax “%3$s %2$s”, which tells printf() to take the third variable before the second.

Now you can simply give your translations to people to do letting them know to simply move the number around where instances like this occur.

Final Word on fprintf(), vfprintf()

We mentioned the fprintf() and vfprintf() functions and the only difference we have here is that they write the output to a file.

The syntax for these are as follows:

fprintf( stream, format, arg1, arg2, arg++ );
vfprintf( stream, format, argArray );

The only difference between printf() and vprintf() is that you enter a file open stream as the first argument to the function to write it to a file.

The following example will write our output from our example in our first post to a file called printf.txt in the same directory as our file:

$name     = ‘Peter’;
$number = 1000000;
$file     = fopen(“printf.txt”,”w”);

fprintf( $file, ‘Hi %s, you have £%u’, $name, $number );
vfprintf ( $file, ‘Hi %s, you have £%u’, array( $name, $number ) );

I hope this helps clear up any confusion with these range of functions, go ahead and enjoy playing with them.

If you would like any help with any area of web development then why not get in contact with us here at Network Intellect.

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