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Thank You Pages – How To Make Yours Perfect?

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is a simple webpage that visitors are directed to immediately after completing an action on your website. It is simply thanking them for doing what they have done. For example, signing up to your newsletter, or filling out your questionnaire.

So why do you need a thank you page?

The main purpose of a thank you page is to confirm the action the visitor has completed has been successful.

But it should do much more than that. You have probably been taken to a thank you page on a white screen with plain text saying something along the lines of ‘Thank you – you are now signed up’ or ‘Thank you, your order has been confirmed’. Where do you go after that? there are no other links on the page, you may no longer even see the main navigation, so you will probably just leave the site.

And what is almost certain is that you did not make any sort of connection from this page. You likely felt no emotion, no reassurance that you made a good decision.

A simple page like this fails to connect with people and leaves them abandoned.

All the effort that has gone into getting this visitor to convert is a waste, and a huge opportunity is lost. It may even leave the customer with buyers remorse.

 So How Do You Make A Good Thank You Page?

Firstly, add the basic thank you message. ‘Thank’s for your order’, ‘Thanks for signing up’ etc. This lets the customer know that they have finished what they needed to do.

Next, the page clearly show the customer how to proceed. If they ordered a product, let them know they will receive a confirmation email and how long shipping is expected to take. Whatever it is, make sure they know what steps need to be taken.

Finally, it should include a clear call-to-action (CTA). This should be bold, well defined and move the visitor to the next step. It may be a further resource, checking out another product or just sending them back to the homepage.

These are the basic features that your thank you page should include to satisfy your customer. There are many additional features that you can add to further improve your page.


More Thank You Page Features

Free product info

If the customer has order a free product or service, give them a rundown of all the benefits, and why they will love it.

Tell Your Friends

Adding a section where they can easily share the newsletter/website/offers/etc may make them excited to tell their friends, and may increase your conversions.

Recommend Other Articles or Resources

They have already shown interest enough to complete an action, so why not recommend other things that you can offer them? For example, if they have signed up for your puppy newsletter, show them a link to your recent article about puppy training.

They may have bought a product or service, in which case you may want to redirect them to your FAQ’s page.

Invite them to Follow your Social Media

You have a much higher change of getting customers to follow your social media after they have converted. They obviously already have an interest in your product/service enough, so they are far more likely to follow you than a customer who has not converted/

Reassure The Customer

As mentioned earlier, buyers remorse is a real possibility, and if you do not attempt to prevent this, your customer may reverse the action they have taken. Reassure them that they have made a good choice by adding in some good customer reviews.

Ask Them To Sign up to the Newsletter

If your checkout process did not already feature this option, let the know now.

They already find your content useful, so now would be a great time to increase the number of people signing up to your newsletteer.

An Add to Calendar Option

If you are offering a free webinar or event, it is crucial that you feature an option for the customer to add the date to their calendar.

Many people will forget all about a free webinar, and miss it completely. If it is in their calendar, they are far less likely to forget about it.

Additional Offers

If your customer has purchased or received a free gift, show them other offers that are open at the time. They may be very interested in these and everyone likes taking advantage of offers, especially if it is a free gift.

Create an Account

If they do not already have one, ask them to sign up. Ensure you make all the benefits of having an account clear. For example, tracking items out for delivery, loyalty points etc.

Include Related Products or Up-Sell

This a great opportunity to increase conversions and advertise your other products.

If somebody just purchased a toaster, advertise the matching kettle and microwave.

If they have just purchased your cleaning service, why not offer your carpet cleaning service at a lower price if they purchased it now?

Satisfaction Survey

Ask the customer to fill out a survey relating to what they thought of the process. This could be more appealing by entering them into a prize draw  or a discount voucher on their next purchase.

By doing this, you can gain some fantastic insight into what you may need to change about your site and gives you the opportunity to correct them.

Automatic Redirect

If you have another page that already offers some or all of these additional features, then it may be a better idea to redirect to that page after a set amount of time. You should ensure the customer has enough time to read what is on the page. But don’t leave them waiting too long.

If you do this, ensure there is no important information on the thank you page.

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