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Tagging Social Media Campaigns for GA

Tagging social media and Facebook ads so you can track activity in Google Analytics is very straightford.

The only thing you need to do is add the ‘UTM’ tag to the destination URL.

Introducing the UTM Tag

The UTM tag is added at the end of your URL in your ad, after the trailing / –


All UTM tags begin with a question mark, then the utm type;

example ?utm_source=FacebookCampaign&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NIX1

There are 3 required parameters to include, and several optional ones.

Here they are explained (they dont have to be in this exact order)


The Source Channel is the source type, ie Facebook. You can put anything you want here and it will display as that in Google Analytics under Source / Medium (go to Aquisition -> All Traffic, it is in the drop down). You can also pull this into custom reports (more on this below).

To put the Source type in, use utm_source=Facebook (example)

utm_source is a required field.

Next, each additional parameter is added using a ‘&’ sign.

so, we have ?utm_source=Facebook Campaign&

We will now use Medium. This is also a required field. In analytics this also shows up combined with the Source;


example, utm_medium=social


In analytics under Source/Medium the above string shows up as FacebookCampaign/Social

Now for the final required tag – Campaign (utm_campaign)


This you can use as a descriptor of individual campaigns. For example, you can in Facebook run different ad sets, and you might use a label that reflects the one the ad generated a click from.


To view this data in Analytics you can set up a custom report (see below), or go to Google Analytics Campaign report (Aquisition -> Campaigns)

So youy should now have a destination URL that looks like this;


In facebook there is now an option to add the UTM code in a seperate field wich appends to the ad URLs. You dont need to include the first / symbol, just start from ?utm.

Now for the optional UTM parameters

utm_content – you can use this to tag particular ads. For example utm_contentt=Ad1

utm_term – this is for yor keyword. If you have an ad group with one keyword per ad, or represents a group of keywords in an ad group, add this. This could be utm_term=buygold for example. This isn’t needed with AdWords ads since this data is added automatically.

Custom Reports

Building a custom report is straightforward.

Go to Customisation -> Custom Reports, click New Report button.

We will use Explorer View.

Select add new Metric Group. You can use these for conversion goals you have set up, as well as metrics like average session duration.

Next, in Dimension Drill downs add Campaign, also you can add others, such as Medium.

Finally, in Filter, add Include, Select Medium, select exact, then type into the box social.

This will get you started with analysing your campaign.

Here is an example below;

utm custom reports

See more on Facebook topics

If you need any help with Social Media, or in Analytics then please get in contact with us here at Network Intellect.

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