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Slow site? Here’s how you speed it up!

Website speed is always something that a developer must consider when creating a website. It is a difficult balance to achieve. You want a high quality site with high resolution images, animations and for all of it to load in a second or two.

We have covered many times before how an extra second of loading can have a big impact on visitor loss. And users have become far less patient, with the probability of bounce increasing 100% for a 6 second load speed compared to 1 second.

Minify Images

One of the biggest contributions to unnecessary load time is bulky images.

These images are unnecessarily large, and the size of each one can be reduced significantly in a very short space of time by minifying them. This shrinks the space they take up, and therefore are much quicker to load.

According to a study by SpeedCurve, an average of 3MB of website size is taken up by images for 60% of images. This means there is big room for improvement with just image optimisation alone.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

JavaScript and CSS files are one of the biggest contributors to page load speed. It is of course an essential file for every website. But, there is a way to cut down the file size and speed up your site by an amount that is certainly worth your effort.

Ensuring all of your loaded files of CSS and JavaScript are minified will reduce the number of characters in the text files such as white space and comments, which is necessary when writing the code, but has no effect on the execution of the code. Cutting it out can shave a few milliseconds of your load time for sure.

File concatenation

This involves several files of the same type, such as CSS files, and adding them all together to make one file. This means the browser only needs to loads one file rather than 6 files, meaning 5 less requests made. You can also concatenate JavaScript files.

When you concatenate you files, which you have also minified, you can make a significant improvement to your site speed!



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