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If you aren’t very experienced with SEO (search engine optimisation) can seem daunting at first for many. However, there are some simple tips that will do a lot for your business.

Site Structure

When visiting a new site, it is very frustrating to not be able to find what you want. How long would you spend trying before you give up?

This is why the structure of your site is so important. But not only for the users, but for the search bots that crawl your site to grab data for search engines.

So, regardless of any other work you’ve put into your sites SEO, if a bot can’t find one of your web pages, it won’t appear in search engines.

A good website structure is simply Homepage > Category pages > individual pages (eg single product page). If you stick with this structure, you shouldn’t run into any issues with search bots.


It is essential for you to understand the terms that your target market are searching for when looking for products and services you provide.l

Regardless of how good your site is, if a user never lands there, they will not turn into conversions. So, the right keywords will make a big difference.

Some basic tips for good keyword use is:

  • Don’t add words for the sake of it. Only add words that people will search for, otherwise it will be fruitless.
  • Some areas of business will have strong competition. It will be tough to knock certain big companies off the top. So, get a good balance between search volume and difficulty ranking.
  • To avoid competing with yourself, aim for one keyword per page.
  • When using your keywords in your content, don’t overdo it. Using them too much can be as bad as not including them in the first place.

Above all, make sure that content is good, useful and relevant to potential customers.


Search engines us links to understand many aspects of a website. If a highly trustworthy site such as BBC news linked to your website, search engines would consider your site a good source for this topic. This would increase your chance of ranking higher in search results.

Of course, it is difficult to control how other sites are linking to yours and involves a lot of networking. So, lets focus on what you can do with the links on your website.

If a page hasn’t got any links, search engines won’t be able to find it ad therefore it will never be available in search results. So, make sure all pages are linked together. An easy way to do this is to have a navigation menu on every page. This is of course very important for user experience, too.

Another thing to pay attention to is anchor text. This is the words that you click on. For example, when you see blue underlined text that reads ‘Click Here’ this is anchor text.

While it may seem like a good idea to use your keyword that you want to rank for as anchor text, doing this more than once (in your navigation, for example) you should avoid it with things like blogs and use more descriptive anchor text.

Let Everyone Know You’re Local

If you are running a brick and mortar business that aims to bring customers inside or a service that serves a local area, then you want to ensure your SEO helps you let the customers know!

Good SEO will help your business appear in the map results for sites. To ensure your SEO pays of when it comes to map results, you’ll need to create a Google My Business page.


With these tips, you now have a great starting point for improving your SEO and getting your site to rank higher in the search results.

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"It’s like having your own in-house digital marketing consultancy rather than an external company. I no longer think about them as a supplier. They’re part of the team."
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