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Building up Email Lists and Conversions

Building up Email Lists and Conversions

Email is a proven, efficient and fairly easy method of Digital Marketing.

But that doesn’t mean there is no strategy or skill involved. It’s a huge opportunity. How much of it you can obtain depends on optimising a number of areas of your campaign strategy. Of course, growing the size of your audience as far as possible in your market place.

We are all familiar with the importance of a well designed email. The various approaches to increasing opens and avoiding blacklists.

But the optimisation process involves improving your ability to get new leads, and in increasing activity from those leads.

Converting Visitors into New Subscribers, Converting Visitors into Business

You have two types of conversion optimisation. One is the conversion of potentially interested targets (the market) into email subscribers (aka email list building). The other is in getting the most activity from visitors and subscribers.

It is both email design and subject line construction.

The website conversion funnel:

  • landing page experience and funnel optimisation,
  • which increases conversion efficiency and total conversions.
  • The funnel and website landing page optimisation *which you have to do anyway* can generally apply to all your other traffic coming to the website too, in one go.

In designing a website to aid in conversions we should also include in so doing in getting them to subscribe, even if they don’t buy.

So you need to factor into the design of your conversion funnel.

The email subscribe action as a goal. Smart marketing companies automatically add email subscriptions as a measurable goal into their analytics to help in their conversion optimisation.

The number of new visitors coming by organic and paid advert clicks, social media etc. It is usually a lot more than is coming from email newsletters. This is where we can grow our email list, and get more conversion from these visitors. Email is part of the conversion funnel, and it has long term enhancing effects.

Building up a list is hardly aided or worthwhile if recipients don’t click through onto your site and find the experience worthwhile (achieve a goal completion), and they are also likely to unsubscribe because they lose interest. If they buy from you, then they are likely to keep subscribing, so you will retain them. Therefore the website area of optimisation, aids the first through improved retention. It can also aid in the process of finding new leads quite effortlessly – engaged users are surely more likely to forward emails or positive information so your business and email lists can grow through word-of-mouth.  If you convert more visitors to subscribers, you convert more of these word-of-mouth opportunities and email forwards too.

Nowadays this building of an email subscriber list is dependent on ‘legitimate’ leads in order to avoid the dreaded blacklisting that will severely impact on your audience reach.

You can obtain these in many ways, but first of all, you need clear and unmissable ‘sign up’ options on your website, which need to be intelligently designed into your site. You can also add these to all the emails that you send out. A telephone order that has a confirmation or enquiry related email sent out, should also have sign up options and promote this action enthusiastically.

When encouraging people to sign up on your website or one-off emails, you should also incentivise them to do so – a classic approach is to combine exclusive offers and voucher codes available only to email subscribers, or to upgrade subscribers to ‘VIP’ status in some sense with some significant benefits offered, and make sure you promote this effectively within the page on your website.

Enhancing Calls To Subscribe

When people visit your site, buttons and if used, pop-ups should be cleverly designed into the funnel. And you need to build the best possible email opt-in call to action message everywhere on your website, not just in certain pages. Pop-up boxes can appear in different places, such as if a visitor wishes to exit the website. If this happens, a good strategy could be to sell the hidden benefits of signing up, such as better offers. When displaying a call to sign-up option on a given page, the landing page, pop-up or area of the page needs to further pursuade the visitor to complete the process – so you must repeat the benefits and be enthusiastic about why they should sign up. There are considerable losses where people do not complete a simple registration process. It’s not just making the process simple, it’s also learning from good landing page design principles, such as the size and colour of buttons and entry fields.

Any call button or field to sign up to a newsletter should be prominent, and ‘above the fold’ – the portion of the screen that appears when loaded and does not need to be scrolled to, but it is also a good idea to have the option at the footer, where space is less of an issue, as long as it is already at the top.

Nowadays, an email opt-in ‘landing page’ can take on many guises.

Many online stores entice you with a product, but when you go to purchase they require you to register as a member. This registration process, within the sales funnel, will involve a request to receive an email newsletter. This is often made less obvious and involves unticking a box. Offering free information can be dependent on registration to the site and the email newsletter, and is a common tactic. A dedicated email subscribe-to page can also appear as a pop-up. It absolutely must sell itself to the visitor and aim for the highest possible conversion rate to subscribers.

In any kind of membership, registration, or email subscribe-to pages, you should not ever have unnecessary distractions – adverts for example that go off the site, and even internally within the site might be a bad idea.

For that reason it’s even quite a good idea to remove site navigation options from any registration or sales funnel pages, unless related to that purchase in a way that reduces frustration, such as a Cart modification.


If you need any help with increasing your digital activities or more tips on Email Campaigns or on how to make more opportunities for your business, then please get in contact with us here at Network Intellect.Telephone: +44 (0) 844 543 0980

 Please get in contact with us here at Network Intellect

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