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4 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Page

Facebook brand pages are an important tool for brands that are looking to engage with their consumers online. However, creating a page that your fans will want to revisit is a tricky process.

With this in mind, here are a few the tips which will help you to create a good user experience on a Facebook brand page.

1. Avoid Large Blocks Of Text

As is the case with all writing for the web, big blocks of text look unattractive and are not very likely to engage your community.

Try to break up your text by using bullet points, different font types and sizes, and incorporate videos and pictures.

2. Use Big Text and Interesting Fonts

While this may appear to contradict point number one, it doesn’t! You need to catch your fans’ attention so ensure you make the text bold. Remember that a large number of people visit Facebook using their smartphones, and small screens are not ideal for landing pages that are text-heavy.

3. Encourage People To Click

Avoid simply stickling up a link and then expecting people to do the rest. Tell your fans what will happen, and set up some expectations. In addition, ensure you set up a clear call-to-action. Descriptive labeling will improve your click through rates and make it simpler for new visitors to interact.

4. Make It Easy For Your Fans To Product Search

A number of brands choose to use Facebook as an additional sales platform. If you want to use your Facebook page in order to promote sales, incorporating a product search tool is going to be a very good idea.

By including a product search tool on your page you will make it easier for visitors to buy things from you. Clear calls-to-action twinned with this kind of functionality will more-than-likely help you to drive sales.

If you would like any help with maximising the success of your social media strategy, why not speak to one of our digital strategists at Network Intellect for some assistance.

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